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what to bring

Your luggage allowance with the airline is two checked bags and 1 carry on. We ask that each team member pack themselves (minus toiletries that can't be carried on) in their carry on suitcase so that you can filled your 2 checked suitcases with dnated items for the orphanage. This may seem impossible but, trust me, when you see the faces of the kids as you start unloading all the stuff you brought for them, all of a sudden you'll be wishing you could have fit more for them.

donation list

The list

• Toothpaste
• Toothbrush
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Razor
• Shaving cream
• Deodorant (PLEASE!)
• Sunscreen
• Washcloth
• Towel
• Shower shoes (optional)
• Feminine products
• Diarrhea medicine, Dramamine,
prescription medicines, ibuprofen
• Bug spray with 40% DEET
• Nalgene or other hard plastic
water bottle
• Notebook/Journal

• Camera
• Passport
• Spending money
• Snacks (Goldfish, oreos, peanuts,
granola bars, etc. Nothing with
chocolate cause it will melt).
• Knee pads or gardening pad

• 1 pair Pants
• 2-3 pairs of athletic shorts or
capris (longer shorts are preferred)
• Short sleeve shirts
• 2 long-sleeve shirts
• 1 zip-up lightweight jacket/
• Poncho
• 2 outfits that can get dirty
• Laundry or trash bag
• Pajamas
• Bathing suit
• Underwear
• Socks
• Sneakers
• Flip flops
• Baseball cap or hat
• Sunglasses

what to pack


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